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Making a
the Emperor Hologram using a Projector

Star Wars Halloween Speeder Bike

Step 1: Creating an Emperor Hologram! Upon starting this project, I quickly discovered that there are no good movie shots of the Emperor head-on and full-body. So, back to the drawing board to make my own. I started by finding some images online of the Emperor and settled on this picture of an actual model (bust-sized):

Step 2: In Photoshop, I added a dress to him (yes - took a photo of a lady in her dress) and then used some filters to make him appear blue and ghosty. I edited the sound from Return of the Jedi to remove Vader's voice and just have Mr. Palpatine speak. I quickly realized that oh no - the mouth doesn't move! To rectify this, I recorded my wife trying to talk like Bernie Sanders (to kick the jaw out and show some teeth).

Step 3: Using some black mosquito netting scrim - found at Hobby Lobby I began playing around the projector. In fact, there was lots of trial and error to get the brightness and angles down to make this look good. Here's the details on the projector: Meyoung Movie Projector HD Video Projector 1080P 1200 Lumens 150" for Movie Night,DVD Player,via USB/AV/SD Ports (GP70 Black) - SOLD ON AMAZON for $98.

Step 4: Given the Emperor is a tall figure, I opted to design the video horizontally and then tilt the projector. To get the scrim secured, I used some ping pong balls (wrapped the corners around them) with some fishing line. Can't see the scrim at all.

Step 5: Used some supports of PVC and wood to hold the scrim out and tight.

Step 6: Night time photos don't do it justice - the darker it became the better the image looks to the eye (but worse for the camera).

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