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Hi! Welcome to! is a DIY Halloween showcase of our many simple, and fun Halloween build projects. And when you build as many custom props as we do (we change themes every year), it of course has to be affordable! It’s something we have a ton of fun working on - even if our projects are only displayed for one night each year!


You won’t find any bloody or gory builds on this site, as our goal is to create a much more immersive and entertaining experience during the big night out. Sure, we know how to make college football players scream in terror (from our Philanthropic Haunted House days in school), but our focus has developed into creating a much more interactive and theme-based experience - one that Trick-or-Treaters will hopefully remember for the rest of their lives!


Make sure to follow us on and to see our latest build projects!

We hope you get inspired to pick up some cardboard or a glue gun and find some worthwhile ideas to try out on your own. Feel free to drop us a line and let us know what projects you might be working on as well!

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