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Building a Pirate Themed-Anchor

Pirate Ship Anchor

A quick tutorial for a Pirate-Themed Anchor!

Pirate Ship Anchor 1

To get begin, you'll need: - PVC Pipe for the main stem and cross-member - Paintable Caulking to hide seams and create texture - Tennis Balls - fuzz stripped off - Cardboard & Foam -Masking Tape - Duct Tape - Paint

Pirate Ship Anchor 2

Drill a hole to slide the cross member - add caulking and texture. I don't glue these pieces as I recycle them for future projects.

Pirate Ship Anchor 3

Use a heat gun to bend the PVC at the base. Adding strips of Duct Tape helps give the cardboard strip something to grip. Wrap with masking tape to hold.

Pirate Ship Anchor 4
Pirate Ship Anchor 5

Add duct tape around base to thicken up. Add Foam or Cardboard ends and add more caulking for texture.

Pirate Ship Anchor 9

Use a metallic spray paint and then coat with a light turqouise for the patina.

Pirate Anchor

Some Spooky Cloth and Chain help the final effect!

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