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Welcome to the launch of! And May the 4th be with You!

If you’re not familiar with that play-on-words, today is when we celebrate Star Wars day! Given that our 2016 Halloween theme is “The Dark Side of the Force” we thought this would be an appropriate day to launch our website and share with the world our many projects we have so much fun creating and sharing.

For the past few weeks, we’ve been working in the shop on some of our smaller projects for Halloween including a Han Solo in Carbonite build, Interrogator Droid, Darth Vader, and even a full-size, lightsaber wielding General Grievous. However, we are still working on how to keep the lightsabers from swinging the whole body apart on that last build. More to come on that!

In order to get some first-hand, official reference material, I visited the LucasFilm headquarters in San Francisco a few weeks back while travelling for business. Here are some photos from that trip while I paid my respects to one of the greatest (and my favorite) film franchises of all-time.

May the 4th be with You! And welcome to!


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