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Pirate Pilings for Crowd Control

Pirate Pilings - Crowd Control

Every good prop deserves a certain amount of security and protection from little hands and the over-curious. To keep with the them, I visited a wood supply shop and had them slice a few logs into various lengths. I used a nail gun (could use screws as well) - no glue in case you recycle these in the fire pit - to secure them together in bundles of 3.

Pirate Pilings

Taking some remaining ship's rope from eBay, I lashed them together for the "nautical look".

Pirate Pilings

To secure them in the lawn, I took 18" lengths of rebar, from Home Depot and hammered them into the ground. The piling bundles simply slide over the rebar and remain secure.

Pirate Pilings

Add additional rope to keep the crowd back!

Pirate Pilings

Spooky cloth and perched black birds help compliment the look.

Pilings in Action!

Keeping the Cannon (and patrons) safe!

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